Blue Safari Seychelles is a sanctuary for the senses, a discovery for the mind, food for the soul.  It is a place where guests are at one with the environment, where peace and tranquillity reign.

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Blue Safari Seychelles

Experience a 14 day Alphonse island escape package in one of the most pristine places on the planet.

Immerse yourself in a vast marine playground surrounded by rich biodiversity of fauna and flora in an unparalleled biome of diversity.

Overlooking pristine beaches and surrounded by tropical foliage, the lodges are completely submerged in the natural surroundings.

Adventure for all: kayak, cycle, hike, dive, fish, snorkel, bird, conserve, stand-up paddle, gaze or laze.

Promoting biome’s conservation in harmony with low impact human development and ecotourism.



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